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Hospital and Government Key Account Managers perform the vital task of convincing European governments, healthcare funds and hospitals to reimburse healthcare providers for the drugs they prescribe. Without formulary approval and reimbursement, a drug is virtually useless to a company. Since Hospital and Government Key Account Managers play such a critical role in the success of a drug in European markets, many leading pharmaceutical companies have developed innovative approaches for strategically leveraging these types of personnel.

The principal objective of this report is to allow subscribers to learn from the strategies of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical firms to help improve drug acceptance. Specifically, the report assesses in detail how each target company approaches the key account manager functions, including:

  • Key negotiation tactics
  • Organizational structure/reporting relationships
  • Distribution of key personnel by region/therapeutic area
  • Number of personnel by title
  • Key roles and responsibilities by title
  • Target and common backgrounds by title
  •  Typical salary range by title
  • Description of incentive package
  • Key targets by title and number of assigned accounts
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